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bluechem - Clean solutions to preserve our environment.

Quality, environment, customer satisfaction are fundamental criteria of the bluechem Group.

All of our products are  developed specifically to bring complete satisfaction to professionals and customers in the automotive industry.

Every day we are improving our products to satisfy the increasing requirements and requirements of domestic and international markets.

We can thus guarantee our customers the best results.

Maximum efficiency and the protection of natural resources are our most important goals.

Respect the environment

Due to our constant research, we also develop, test new biodegradable formulations and prepare them for the market. In this way, we can always meet the growing needs of our customers and reduce the impact on the environment.

Powermaxx Premium brand of the bluechem Group.


The Powermaxx product range contains items that have been developed for vehicle cleaning and maintenance. A very complete range of products, from engine maintenance to the cooling system and especially the maintenance of Particulate Filters and Catalysts.

A very varied range for specific applications, aerosols, grease, paste à joint…



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